Call me, Doctor

While working AM watch one night in a black & white, I saw a vehicle fail to stop for a red light. After my partner and I lit him up, he did a slow stop and exited the car agitated and from the start he was screaming he was a doctor and that we couldn’t stop him.

“Sir”, I need your ID”, at which point he screamed, “Call me Doctor.”

When I told him I needed to see his driver’s license and medical ID, he became irate and belligerent.

“Sir put your hands behind your head”, which he complied but as I went to search him he pulled away.

“Sir put your hands back—I’m going to search you.”

He then screamed and said, “Call me Doctor.”

I again told him to calm down and began to search him.

In the midst of searching him, he pulled away and spun with a closed fist and took
a swing at me at which point I went to an upper body control hold and took him to the

“Calm down, Sir.”

He continued attempting to escape the control hold causing me to apply a neck restraint in which he passed out. When he came to, he found himself in handcuffs and started screaming.

A sergeant arrived a short time later and asked him, “Sir what is your problem?

He went off again screaming about being a Doctor and to call him “Doctor”. He said he was on an emergency run to the hospital—of which a follow up was made which proved he was lying. At the direction of my sergeant, I cited him only and released him.

He later filed a multi-million dollar law suit over being choked out. At the deposition he was the same agitated person he was in the field.

As I answered questions from both attorney’s, I noted every time I said, “Sir”, in a response, he would squeeze his fingers until his knuckles were white and the veins in his neck bulged as he clinched his face.

At a break, I talked with the City Attorney and told him the problem with being called “Sir” and his actions. When the City Attorney questioned him, repeatedly calling him “Sir”, he finally broke and slammed his fists on the table screaming he had to be called “Doctor”, not “Sir.”

The doctor’s attorney rolled his eyes and then hung his head.

The City Attorney then offered a settlement for the cost of a new pair of pants the doctor had soiled when he was choked out.

When the doctor’s attorney agreed to the settlement, the doctor turned to his attorney and said, “So, we won?”

We only laughed.

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